Baltimore Sounds - second edition
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Heard on the street...

Joe, I want to tell you how grateful I am that you finished the 2nd Edition Baltimore Sounds book. What an undertaking! I know it was a labor of love. What a gift to all of us who were part of a something very special time in regional music history." - Bruce Calvert

"Everyone in town should own a copy of this book!"  - Robyn Webb

"Joe: For the amount of work and the sheer accuracy, you should charge more. Well done." - Greg Lardieri

"This is a must have for a history of the Baltimore music scene... really appreciate the write-up he gave (my bands)... (as well as) my friends and their music, love it!" - Bob North

"Yes- revamped- amped up, extended time line thru 2000- more, better, twice as big - get one today! $30.00" - David Wilcox

"I highly recommend Joe Vaccarino's 2nd edition of Baltimore Sounds. If you played in a Baltimore band pre-2000, there's a good chance your name is in this book." - Skizz Cyzyk

Joe, thank you so much for all your hard work, I even showed (the book) to some of my out of town music friends and they love it."
Brian D. Richardson

"Fantastic job! I couldn't put the book down once I bought it."
Richard Walton

"Hi Joe, I've been meaning to write you for quite a while just to say how much I loved Baltimore Sounds. I can't hold onto it. I buy one, lend it out, and the next thing I know it disappears. That's happened twice, so I'm locking my next copy in a safe. Thanks!" - Pete Heyrman

  "Kudos to Joe, obviously a labor of love and a Herculean effort. Many thanks for recording this golden era of Baltimore music for posterity. Those of us with grandkids can point to this and say 'we were part of this!' A job well done." - Tom Engle

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