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"Baltimore Sounds"


The Baltimore Sounds Book is currently out of print.

Unfortunately the cost of printing and minimum order requirements have made it difficult to justify the expense and the necessary storage space associated with reprinting.

Joe wants to thank everyone who has supported the book!

This website continues as a tribute to the many talented local musicians of the Baltimore and Central Maryland area.
We plan to continue to post any relevent items to the "News" page, and continue to add information and images to the ever expanding "Book Updates" page.

We invite you to send via email additional information about artists from the years 1950-2000 for inclusion in "Book Updates" as well as newsworthy items about events regarding artists from that era.

And while you're here, be sure to check out our Big List (a listing of names of bands/artists of the Baltimore regional area from 1950 to 2000 that were included in the book).
Note that the "Book Updates" page lists additional artists that were missed when the book was published. Due to requests for adding groups to "The Big List" we will consider consolidating names to a single list, however this is a big project that will take some time.

C'mon inside the Baltimore Sounds website.... check it out!

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