Baltimore Sounds - a Video Documentary

As a companion to the "Baltimore Sounds" book, work is underway to create a video production about local music. This way we can all see and enjoy video of the actual artists recounting their stories firsthand.

First we started with some of the artists of the 1960s. If there is any interest and the video proves successful we would like to produce additional segments representing artists of the 1970s and beyond.

This is not a big corporate endeavor, but rather a small group of guys with limited resources whose intent is to capture some of Baltimore's rich musical history and document for posterity.

We are now seeking support to produce a full length video. If you have anything to contribute - historical, artistic, monetary... - let's talk about it. We would also love to find vintage video footage of local bands.

For more information contact Terry Willaims via email at

The Baltimore Sounds video demo was created by Joe Vaccarino, Terry Williams, Ray Leftwich, and Don Barto.

We thank the artists who allowed us to interview them.

The video is a very entertaining 10 minutes long, consisting of several excerpts from completed interviews

We hope you enjoy!